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HOPE Academy is a center consisting of diverse children and staff. The four founding partners each have expertise from various segments that when combined offer the best possible experience for the children of HOPE. HOPE is a community based center. We accept BCCAP including Work First as well as NJ Cares for kids. 

At HOPE we care about our students and families. That's why we offer a program that exudes compassion. The goal at HOPE is to have a positive impact on every family we encounter. With this goal in mind, we offer our children an environment of self-respect, pride and academic excellence. We strive to instill an attitude of excellence that will last a lifetime.
HOPE is more than a local child care center. We pride ourselves on what our name means. Helping Others Pursue Excellence. All partners of HOPE are members of St John Family Worship Center which provides ongoing support to the community with a variety of services. Together we feed the elderly and homeless. We also provide families in need during holiday seasons. We offer workshops to women on health & wellness, finances and career goals; all of which are free and open to the public.
HOPE offers an environment where children can thrive. Through a strong academic program and character development, we prepare our children to enter school equipped to succeed. Some of the areas we address are respect, responsibility and sharing. We want every child to develop a positive self image and to embrace their culture. Our children and their families are welcome to assist in HOPE'S community service and outreach including but not limited to Martin Luther King day and Christmas .The children of HOPE are given the opportunity to develop characteristics of caring and commuinty at an early age.